Friday, 26 January 2007

An Australian man sells his life on Ebay!!

An Australian man has sold his life on eBay for US$5,875.

Nicael Holt posted his life for sale on the Internet auction site, saying the deal included his name, phone number and all of his belongings. His entry on EBay was "New life for sale!!" He said he would also introduce the buyer to all his friends and "potential lovers (around eight which I have been flirting with)." The buyer would also "have access to a cruisy job in March delivering fruit." Part of the sale was also a "collection" of six jokes, a broken relationship with an ex-girlfriend and a four-week training course in becoming Holt.

Bidding for Holt's life started at US$3.90 and ended on Tuesday at US$5,875. Holt, a philosophy student from New South Wales state, said he was prepared to complete the sale, and make a documentary about the process, if any of the top five bidders turn out to be genuine: "If any of them are real I'll definitely do it and do this documentary because I think it would be really interesting," he said. The auction site did not comment on the sale, but allowed it to run its course.

How do you think this piece of news should be taken? As a joke? As a weird example of the dangers of the Internet? Or do you just think it is an eccentric way of saying "Live and let live"? Leave your comments!!

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EOI Sagunt said...

It can´t be much of a life if he´s willing to put it on sale!!