Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Material Soon to Arrive at the Library in January 2010

Look here if you want to know the new stuff you'll soon find on the shelves in the English section of the library.


Abridged version of Charles Dickens's "Great Expectations" read by Hugh Laurie (of "House" fame)

Unabridged version of Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol" read Anton Lesser (a bit late now, we're afraid)

A Selection of Oscar Wilde's Short Stories read by Stephen Fry (good for the kids)


"For Queen and Country" starring Denzel Washington as an ex-soldier returning to a far from hero's welcome to the gritty London inner-city district he grew up in (English with Dutch subtitles (Sorry about that, folks))

"Life on Mars, Series Two" the sequel to the immensely popular sci-fi police procedural drama set in Manchester in the '70s (Head and shoulders above "La chica de ayer")

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