Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Guy Fawkes

Who the heck was Guy Fawkes?
Have you heard about this British tradition? It'll take place tomorrow, on the 5th of November.
Remember, remember the fifth of November
The Gunpowder Treason and plot
I know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.
Would you like to learn what is behind these lines? Take the following webquest.
You have to visit this website to answer the questions.
Next week the answers to the webquest will be published and you'll have the chance to correct your exercise!

Go to and answer the questions:

1 - What happens all over Britain on the night of November 5th?

2 - Who do people commemorate that way?

3 - What did Guy Fawkes, together with a group of men, try to do?

4 - What were English Catholics hoping when Queen Elisabeth I died in 1603?

5 - Why were they disappointed?

6 - What would people like Fawkes and his fellow conspirators be called now?

7 - How did they try to put their murderous plan into practice?

8 - At what moment did some conspirators start questioning what they were doing?

9 - How did one conspirator try to warn a friend of his?

10 - Who was that letter even shown to?

11 - What happened to Guy Fawkes when the authorities searched the cellar of the parliament?

12 - Why might the conspirators' plans have failed anyway?

13 - What other term is often used to refer to Guy Fawkes Day?

14 - What might some Englishmen be celebrating rather than the traitor's execution?

15 - How many conspirators were there altogether?

16 - Who was their leader?

17 - Why did Guy Fawkes become famous even though he wasn't the leader?

18 - Why wasn't Jeremy Tresham executed like all the others?

19 - What did the authorities use the conspirators' confessions for?

20 - How were the traitors executed?

21 - Why was that method of public execution chosen?

22 - Who might the letter have been 'fabricated' by?

23 - What do some historians believe concerning the letter?

24 - Which of the traitors is suspected of telling the authorities about their plans?

25 - In what year did the tradition of lighting bonfires start?

26 - Whose effigy is sometimes burned along with the guy dummy?

27 - How do children collect money? What do they use it for?

28 - Which town in South East England attracts thousands of visitors for its festivities?

29 - Where has the custom spread to?


Take a look at this video to find out about the real ringleader of the Gunpowder Plot and his fellow conspirators.

Good luck with your webquest and enjoy!

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