Monday, 2 February 2009

Icons of England

Have you ever wondered why the English drink so much tea? Why are they so keen on queuing? Why do they talk so much about the weather? There are certain icons that are undeniably English, like Cheddar Cheese or the Monty Python. Others, like Chicken Tikka Masala, are not originally English but have become so widespread in the English culture, that are now an inseparable part of it. Here is a website that can help you learn about all these facts of the English culture and, if you’re particularly keen on any of them and you feel like learning as much as you can on it, you can test your knowledge by doing a quiz here. If you are an expert, you can even win a prize! It can be real fun and a good way to practise your English and learn a lot about its culture!
Hope you enjoy it!


Marta said...

Hi Elvira!
I wtite to you because I have one question.
If I want to do my own certification exam, can I do it without goig to class?

Elvira said...

Hello Marta! Well, this question doesn't have much to do with the post... but I think it can help others, so there we go. It is not necessary to attend class to take the certification exam, but then you won't get the FIS mark. On the other hand, and putting it bluntly, if you take the exam without coming to class, why did you register in the school?
Best wishes!