Thursday, 8 February 2007

British Isles Answer

A student from 1st year has answered the "British Isles" entry. This was her answer:

1.- Explain the difference between:
a) The British Isles: they are a European archipelago of islands. They comprise Great Britain (the biggest island), Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland (the second biggest island) and other smaller islands (Man Island, etc)

b) Great Britain: it is made up of England, Scotland and Wales. It’s the biggest island of the British Isles.

c) The UK: The United Kingdom comprises England, Scotland, Wales and Northern of Ireland.

2.-Design a touristic route stopping in:

1.- England:
You can visit Buckingham Palace in London. It’s the official residence of the British Monarchy’s. Inside, you can see the biggest private garden in London.
You should visit The British Museum too. It’s the oldest state museum in the world.

2.- Wales:
You should visit the Castle of Cardiff (in the city of Cardiff). It’s inside Butter’s Park and it’s very beautiful. It looks like a child tale’s castle.
You will enjoy a great game if you go to The Millenium Stadium, the biggest covered stadium of England.

3.- Scotland:
There is a great place with a curious animal, Nessie. It’s The Loch Ness. Fort William has mountainous areas of great beauty where you can explore and walk.

4.- Northern Ireland: Belfast is a great city. You can see The Belfast City Hall. It’s an example of classical renaissance style.
If you love nature, you must visit the Giant’s Causeway. It’s a landscape with formations of unusual basalt columns

5.- Ireland: There, if you like beer, you can visit the Guiness Storehouse (Dublin).The city of Cork is very interesting. Do you have children? You can visit the Chuckies Playzone, in Wilton. You can visit the Dungeons of Cork too.

Great answer! Congratulations!

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