Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Let's meet the British Isles

What do you know about Northern Ireland? And about Wales? Would you like to travel around the British Isles on the Web? Do the following tasks:
1.- Explain the difference between:
a) The British Isles; b) Great Britain; and c) the UK.
1.- Design a touristic route stopping in 1.- England, 2.- Wales, 3.- Scotland, 4.- Northern Ireland and 5.- Ireland. Mention two places to visit in each region and briefly explain why that place is attractive.

You can use these links: England's Top Attractions Visit Britain Northern Ireland Visit Highlands Travel Scotland Visit Wales Stay in Wales Tourism in Ireland Travel Ireland

You've got until Wednesday to send your answers in an attached word file to our blog-related email address: You can add a couple of photos, if you feel like. Good luck!!

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